Pest Control in Phoenix

Professional Phoenix Pest Control

Protecting your home is extremely important considering it will be the most expensive item you purchase in your life. While many lenders require you have the appropriate homeowners insurance to protect their investment, it normally does not include any coverage for pest control. While many pests can not cause significant damage to your home, here in Phoenix the termite problem has gotten extremely dangerous lately.

fthTermites have the ability to eat wood in your home day and night, twenty-four hours a day, for years. In that time they can easily eat through your home from the inside out. The problem with these wood destroying pests is they are almost impossible for the homeowner to identify unless they know what they are looking for. Many pest control Phoenix specialists will tell you that these pests travel underground until they find access to you home. They will look for cracks in your homes foundation to use and entry to the home, then begin the search for wood.

You never see them entering the home because they travel under your home, then build mud trails that they travel through until they find a food source. The first thing that many Phoenix pest control professionals will tell you to look for is those mud trails. They usually lead from the foundation to the wood structures, and many times will be visible on the side of your home or in the attic. If you identify these mud trails, it is important to contact a local pest control professional as soon as possible.

The pest control Phoenix experts say that you can also spot signs of termites in your home by looking carefully in and around your kitchen cabinets. If the termites have made their way into that area of the home, you will periodically find small piles of saw dust like material on the counters or in the cabinets. This is the result of the termites slowly eating away at your home. That little pile of powder is a clear indication that they have set up inside your home and will continue to eat until you hire a local pest control expert to treat the home as soon as possible.

You might think that if you house is made of brick that you really do not have to be concerned with termites. The truth is that behind those brick walls are wooden structures that support your home. While bricks might appear at first to be impenetrable to termites, they are very effective at finding ways into the home. If they do not travel under the home and find a crack in the foundation, they can easily find a crack in one of the brick. They only need a small crack smaller than the width of a piece of papa\er to enter the home and set up a colony. The best way to ensure your home is completely termite free is to call a Phoenix pest control specialist and have them provide you a free inspection of the property.